My name is Bill Jones, and the goal of my business is to create video keepsakes for you, done your way.  If I can capture the mood of an event that is important in your life, and give you a video that you’ll want to pull off the shelf and watch for years to come, I’ve done my job.

After getting an SLR camera in high school (back in the film age!) I took some photography classes and discovered that I really liked taking pictures.  My camera went with me on all my travels, and eventually on a backpacking trip I brought along a video camera--I wanted to make a documentary of my hike along the lines of the outdoor adventure/survival shows that were on TV.  On the left that's me on top of Mt. Elbert in Colorado.

It was at that point that I began editing videos, and a new interest in me was born.  Taking video, still shots, music, voiceovers, and weaving them all together to tell a story--I was having a blast.

Then I started doing some weddings and found that the story-telling that I liked so much was perfectly suited to weddings.  Getting to know a couple, finding out what's important to them, and telling their story.  For instance, one couple I did a wedding video for mentioned in passing the restaurant where they met--so as a surprise to them I included a "prologue" at the start of their video with a few pictures of the place where they first saw each other with some music underneath.  It was only about 15 seconds, but it was a great way to kick off the story I was telling with their wedding video.

I've done all sorts of videos over the years.  Weddings.  My backpacking adventures.  I compiled a video celebrating the 125th anniversary of a church (including writing and composing the narration).  I put together a "documentary" to celebrate the remarkable life of a woman who was celebrating her 90th birthday, complete with reflections on what she'd seen throughout her days and interviews with her.  I was even hired by a Kilimanjaro trekking company to develop some marketing videos for them, which I compiled from source material I gathered as they lead me to the rooftop of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The fact that I’ve done such a wide range of videos demonstrates something I’ve come to realize–that with the proliferation of Youtube and sites like that, these days there’s a tremendous amount of interest in videos for all sorts of events and occasions.  And that’s what I’m here for–to create video keepsakes for you of your life’s journey.  Your video, Your way.